ZOOM Whitening

While most teeth will whiten effectively with take-home products alone, we have systems that allow us to whiten teeth more quickly or target specific teeth better.   The system most commonly talked about is the ZOOM light system from the Philips/Discus corporation.  There are others, but the technology is essentially the same.

What is ZOOM whitening?
In a home-whitening case, we make special trays to fit over your teeth, and you place whitening gel in at night for about two weeks.  The ZOOM system uses a similar chemistry, but we use a powerful light in the office to activate the whitening gel.

 What are the benefits compared to just doing home whitening?

You will see results faster.  The final result will not be different, but you will get there much more quickly.   In addition, some patients find the trays uncomfortable to sleep with, and can’t find time during the day to wear them.   ZOOM reduces the number of days in trays, generally from around fourteen down to perhaps three to six.    An additional benefit is in patients with one or two teeth darker than the others; we can spot bleach these teeth by isolating and treating them separately.

What is the procedure?
After taking models of your teeth, we make custom whitening trays in soft rubber.  We then paint a protective plastic on the gums, fill the trays with whitening gel, and place the light unit against the teeth.  During the process you may watch television or otherwise relax.  A typical session would require two recharges and at the end, a fluoride treatment . The total visit is around ninety minutes.

Note that whitening products are typically not recommended for children under 13 years of age and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Our general dentists have a tremendous amount of experience with tooth whitening, and will tell you that no two cases are identical.  Talk to us today to find out if ZOOM whitening is right for you.