Dentistry With Sedation

For many clients, it is common to feel nervous and anxious about dental treatment.  All dentists are trained to help patients manage their anxiety, and in some cases that may include medications called “anxiolytics” to make you feel more comfortable.   In other cases anxiety can be managed with sedation.  A sedated patient may remember some of the procedure, but will be more relaxed.

Note that following any procedure where we have given you anxiolysis or sedation medications, you will have to have someone else drive you home and stay with you until the medication has fully worn off.

What about intra-venous (“I.V.”) sedation?   

This type of profound sedation involves carefully measuring and adjusting the amount of one or more medications, which are given to the patient through an intravenous line, usually into their arm.  Currently we are able to offer this form of sedation in our Mayfield Common clinic.

What types of treatment can be done with sedation?

Unlike in a hospital, where we would have to bring in all of our equipment and try to perform dental treatment in an unfamiliar and uncomfortable setting, we can perform almost any general dentistry procedure in-office with sedation.  Naturally, we would prefer to get as much done as possible in one session, to limit the number of times we have to sedate the client.

How do I arrange for dentistry with sedation?

Talk to us!  Our dentists can determine what your treatment needs are, what type of sedation might be best for you, and review your medical history and current medications to make sure it will be safe for you.

As always, we are committed to helping you and your family with your oral health needs.