Dentistry With Sedation

For many clients, it is common to feel nervous and anxious about dental treatment.  Our dentists are trained to help you with your anxiety, and that may include medications to make you feel more comfortable.  Also, anxiety can be controlled by sedation, or, in other words, sleep dentistry. A sedated client may remember some of the procedure, but will be more relaxed.

What types of sedation are available?
A wide range of options are available to address different situations, and this may range from taking a pill before your appointment, to intravenous (IV) sedation, to general anaesthesia.  We are fortunate to have a dentist with training in IV sedation in the Affinity Dental Group, at our Mayfield Common clinic.

How safe is sedation?
The use of sedation and anaesthesia in dentistry has a commendable record of safety.  During a sedation procedure the client is continuously monitored with various equipment, ranging from automatic blood pressure cuffs to pulse oximeters to electrocardiograms, depending on the situation.  Our professional staff are trained to handle any foreseeable emergency.  Following a sedation procedure, you will have to have someone else drive you home.

What types of treatment can be done with sedation?
Unlike in a hospital, where we would have to bring in all of our equipment and try to perform dental treatment in an unfamiliar and uncomfortable setting, we can perform almost any general dentistry procedure in-office with sedation.  Naturally, we would prefer to get as much done as possible in one session, to limit the number of times we have to sedate the client.

How do I arrange for dentistry with sedation?
Talk to us!  Our dentists can determine what your treatment needs are, what type of sedation might be best for you, and review your medical history and current medications to make sure it will be safe for you.

As always, we are committed to providing you with the best care available today, in a safe and comfortable environment.